What Impacts Might COVID-19 Have Upon Scottish Football?

Football fans have been holding their collective breath since the first signs of the pandemic began to emerge in the latter half of March. Since this time, countless restrictions have been put in place and while many of these appeared to work from a short-term perspective, the chances of a "second wave" occurring during the autumn seem to be coming to fruition. This once again calls into question the future of the 2021 Scottish football season. Although no one possesses the proverbial crystal ball, there are still several questions which fans have been curious to ask in recent times. Let's take a look at some pertinent concerns in order to understand where we may be headed in the coming months.What if There is a Confirmed Second Wave?This already seems to be a foregone conclusion as cases continue to rise throughout the United Kingdom and Scotland in particular.

It is therefore not entirely out of the question that we might see a return to the conditions associated with March and April. These could include cancelled competitions, more stringent social distancing measures and restrictions placed upon physical training sessions. Although no one wishes to see such circumstances emerge again, the fact of the matter is that they may become inevitable at some point.Why Are Lower Leagues not Required to be Tested?This has been a particularly contentious issue in recent times. Should not all organisations adopt the same set of protocols? Once again, even the officials have had a difficult time justifying such a decision. One factor seems be that there have not been any large-scale outbreaks within the lower leagues.

Furthermore, the fact that the Premiere League draws many more fans has likely played a pivotal role.What is the Logic Behind Closing Football Stadiums and Allowing Cinemas to Remain Open?Once again, this is a perfectly reasonable question with no clear answer. The predominant mode of thinking involves the fact that cinemas are currently under very strict social distancing guidelines. Football fans are likely to be in closer proximity. Let's also keep in mind that fans are more likely to head out to pubs in order to congregate before and after a game. While it would be a much better idea to head home and enjoy forms of online entertainment such as scratch cards, this is hardly ever the case.On a final note, we need to remember that the health community and the football industry have never faced a crisis as grave or pervasive as the current COVID-19 outbreak.

It is therefore logical to understand that there is no "play book" which can be automatically accessed in order to adequately address the questions outlined above.This is why fans should remain patient and appreciative of the sacrifices that have already been made throughout the sporting community. There is no doubt that we will return to a sense of normalcy sooner or later. The only remaining question is how much longer we will have to wait.scratch cards.

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