The corridors: rediscover them and decorate them

Do you have a corridor that looks a little "abandoned"? Is there a space for connecting environments to which you want to give a personal and particular style, but you lack or have too many ideas? This post aims to provide you with some guidelines so you can decide what exactly is the best for each space, so take the initiative and decorate it yourself. Before making the minimum investment you should take into account these premises when decorating small places: do not overload them because they will lose their charm and it will be complicated to walk through them, light them in a way that gives them more space and choose a decorative line and follow it without detours or exceptions. Regardless of the number of lights, what matters is where you put them: at floor level they will give you a feeling of comfort and are ideal for very narrow spaces (combine them with some ceiling light at the ends) and if you place them on the walls you have a lot of play and options.

mirrors are also a good choice to give spaciousness to spaces that naturally lack it. According to the style of decoration you have chosen, the type of mirror you will have to use will be: vintage: with worn out frames, modern: framed in metal, minimalist on a pure white base, etc. If you have fine tables or sideboards that do not cut the passage through your hallway, you can attach them to one of the walls, but be careful that the drawer or door handles do not stick out too much for aesthetic and safety reasons, as they could get caught in the passage.

As for the decorations, recycle what you have according to the decorative line you have chosen and the rest of the elements can be found at very accessible prices on the internet, don't forget the thousand possibilities that low cost decoration gives you. Choose elements that beyond the combination and style, you really like to enjoy every time you see them.

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