Social strategies of shopping centres

The great marketing gurus talk about the "spider web" where different channels work to direct the user to buy in the virtual store. Why not include in this amalgamation also the physical store? Attracting our users to the physical store through the web and social networks is a more than considerable strategy. And this is evident in the stores of the malls. Online strategies for the physical storeWhen a customer enters a store, he is receptive to the sale. This is why it is a unique opportunity to convince them that their product will be found in one of our channels, which is especially relevant in shopping centres where the differentiating element is the key to success.

A clear example is where, through its website, the shops in the centre offer exclusive online offers to be executed in the physical store. Likewise, many shops have decided to include new technologies in the physical store. Tablets in the establishment where you can obtain more information about the products or fill out satisfaction surveys act as qualified employees. If you also get a discount on your next purchases by becoming a follower of social networks or any other type of action, loyalty is closer and closer. Following the trend of shopping centres and their differentiating element, we should not underestimate those people who come to the mall with a different objective to our target or product.

An advertising campaign in a shopping centre attracts a lot of potential customers, but you should not limit yourself to those who come to the centre of their own free will. It is important to look for new customers in other areas. A good strategy would be to carry out a campaign aimed at travellers who have lost their suitcase at the airport and who need to buy certain basic products in a city they do not know. For this purpose, social networks are perfect catalysts to inform about such a campaign. It must be taken into account that a physical customer is a potential multi-customer, i.e.

he can be a web user and a social network follower at the same time. Thus, consumers can access the company's corporate information, a product or a specific service from different areas, the most important thing being that they find what they are looking for in one of the company's channels.

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