Revise homepage at home office: Focus on content marketing

Home Office Homepage Makeover: Rely on Content MarketingMany freelancers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs are currently in the position of not having full order books due to economic trends. Instead, there is plenty of time to take care of the things that have been left undone for many months or even years. An important part of this, for example, is your own homepage. There are many ways in which you can adapt it to today's times. The most important thing is to use the latest techniques and technologies. This includes, for example, the latest approaches from marketing.

To be precise, it is content marketing that provides the best results in today's world.Content marketing - what is it and how does it work?Content marketing is a way how to promote not just a product or a service, but a whole idea or a story at once. In this case, it is about the advertiser presenting himself as an expert on a particular topic and managing to arouse various emotions in potential customers. The classic of content marketing are, for example, recipes that can be found with the products on the back of the corresponding goods. Applied to the Internet, the main thing is to be able to stand out against the competition and burn yourself into people's memories for a long time.One possibility would be to revise the content on your own site. Instead of relying on long blocks of text or not providing any real information about your products and services at all, it's important to look at ways to enhance it. One popular piece of information is photos and images that match the content and also convey a message.

Searching for these images on the internet today is not difficult. There are very many sites that provide free photos covering various topics. According to the licenses, you can simply use them on your own pages and subsequently enhance the content with them. If you work on your own content little by little, you will not only have an advantage with human visitors. The search engines also rate good and high-quality content much better.Also revise the technical side of your own homepageWho already takes a look at the content of your own site, should perhaps also consider whether the technical basis is still up to date. In recent years, for example, mobile access has become important.

This is not just about people with a smartphone or tablet getting a perfectly prepared website. Here, too, it is primarily the search engines that demand appropriate access if one's own site is to be found in mobile searches. A revision with a content management system could therefore be helpful with both approaches. It not only provides the technology for mobile access, but also makes the revision of the content particularly easy. Thus, the time without orders is well and constructively used and you can start immediately after the end of the crisis with a new homepage.

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